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Our Most Popular Products
Protect your gear from 
the rain, snow & dust.
PRO Rain Covers

  "The best rain protection I've ever used.  
Simplicity and efficiency works,
and this cover is perfect."

Joe McDonald
McDonald Wildlife Photography

Pro techniques
for capturing 
stunning images.
Photo Cheat Sheets

  "I have a set and find them very useful  
when teaching to guide students."

Brenda Tharp
Brenda Tharp Photography

Some Magazine Reviews

FotoSharp offers simple-to-use Camera Rain Covers in a wide range of sizes. Made of ripstop silnylon (nylon impregnated with silicon, making it 100% waterproof, impermeable to airflow, strong, durable and lightweight).
Outdoor Photographer

Learn on the go with a pocket-sized ring of plastic-coated Photo Cheat Sheets with tips and tricks for common shooting situations for various types of cameras.
Popular Photography

The Camera Caddy is a durable, compact tripod-mounted gear bag. Designed to safely accommodate up to 30 lbs of extra gear, it features three deep pockets.

FotoSharp's Day & Night Exposure Calculator provides the -stop and shutter speeds for your ISO, along with useful settings for many other challenging photographic situations.
Outdoor Photographer